Why Do We Do What We Do

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Why do we do what we do? Many times young people see event planners in television shows, movies or even on a local level and are in awe of the job and it even becomes a dream job for many. I will admit, it’s a pretty cool gig – but not because of meeting famous people or pulling off glamorous events. We’re not in it for the money or the prestige. We do what we do everyday, to change the world! It’s really that simple.

For years, I’ve had an overriding passion that can consume me. It’s a desire to make relationships better, to make events better, to help clients accomplish what they want to do in a better way. It’s what causes me to get out of bed in the morning and many times turn the light off way too late at night.

Sometimes I look at other event professionals and I see how they treat people. I wince at the reputation of firing contractors and unreasonable expectations. I can’t believe it when planners and contractors can’t get along. I hate it when I see an event designer’s reputation being more important than the client’s reputation.

We’re off to a good start on this mission to change the world. I like what’s happening in Tulsa. I like forging new relationships and meeting new event partners. It’s who I am and why I do what I do – every day!

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