The Magic of Color

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Small overnight packages began arriving this week as we ordered tablecloths and samples from some of the nations best suppliers. We are looking for the perfect color and texture for an upcoming event. We need 100 tablecloths– and that narrows down the prospects.

I have always been a “color” person – a person who loves the vibrancy of color combinations. It seems like possibilities are endless. It’s a family trait honestly – my mom loves color and what the addition of simple color can do to clothing or to a room.

I’ve been known to carry small samples of ribbon and fabric around for months to look for something that is perfect for an event.

Our creative designer, Mandi, recently challenged me by loading several shades and hues of orange together for one elaborate tablescape. I sure wasn’t sold on the concept and was even more skeptical when it started coming together. However, once it was complete, it was incredible. One of the best and freshest things I’ve seen.

Let’s explore some colors together. What are your favorite color combinations? What do you think are the best colors for events this season?

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