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I love live theater! Every chance I get, I ‘m standing in line to get into the theater and catch the latest show. I’ve never been a huge movie fan and television is only good, if I’m accomplishing something else, but I don’t miss a chance to see a stage show. Musicals are the best.

Recently I was in New York for a very quick business trip. I was really just in the city for a day with very little time to spare. However, as soon as my flight was booked, I was scouring the Times for what show I wanted to see. It was really a no-brainer. It had to be Pippin.

Pippin has been a favorite of mine forever! I moved to a new high school my junior year and my new friends had completed a production of Pippin the year before. I always felt like I missed something, I learned the music. I read the script. I became a fan. Sometimes when I’m especially blue – I just sit down at the piano and knock out a few bars of “Corner of the Sky” or “Magic To Do” and all my troubles go away.

Perhaps the theater intrigues me so much, because it relates so much to an event. Most good event people have a background in theater. It’s part of the magic of creating an event. It’s part of what makes the lighting, the set and the sound all come together. I will go even a step further and say that the well-orchestrated event has the same flow of an incredible stage production. It has the element of surprise, the engagement of the audience and the call to action.

We would love to talk through with you how your event can become purposeful in it’s plot and we can help you write the script!

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