It Takes a Team

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I have a friend in the business who wrote recently about managing their business so that they were never in a place that they couldn’t handle their events in the best way.

I will confess, it was convicting to me. I analyzed and contemplated. I observed.

This week, we are coming off a very, very busy time in our company. The last several weeks have seen some of our biggest events of the year.

Last week alone was pretty packed:

  • Our company decorated a large resort a few hours from Tulsa for Christmas.
  • Our company helped to produce a watch party for a political candidate.
  • Our company produced the largest seated dinner in Oklahoma with 3800 guests.
  • Our company provided stage décor and helped to coordinate sign language interpreters for a large event in Kansas City.

Here is the secret to our success: we have a great team. I went to bed at a reasonable time each night and slept well. I love that our company is not dependent or centered on me.

I love that we have a team of people that we can count on to produce the best events around. I love that our team is consistent, attentive and extremely creative. I love that I can count on a group of people to do things exactly as I would do, if I were in five places at one time.

Give us a call, I would love to introduce you to a team of people that will help to make your event a success!

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