I Love New York City!

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I love New York City! My apologies to L.A. and Chicago, you are still my favorites, too – but let me focus on NYC first.

I love that the people of New York are typically on the cutting edge of the world. I love that there is so much in such little space and in fact I decided to write down my top 10 things I love about New York City.

  1. I love that true New Yorkers do not wait for the light to change to step off the curb, they know the timing of the lights and just walk right before it changes. I think that is pretty cool.
  2. I love the culturally diverse atmosphere. Lady Liberty must be proud of the incredible history and backgrounds of people in NYC. I love that I can find good kimchee in K-Town and hear there are some incredible places to eat in Little Italy.
  3. I love the sanitation department. It fascinates me. They pick up trash in the middle of the night. You don’t see them very much. The city is really pretty clean for the amount of people that live there and work there and make trash there. Amazing department.
  4. I love how ordinary and equal everyone becomes. The only pretense in New York is the out-of-towners. I think the taxi system and the subway system helps that.
  5. I love the entrepreneurs. If you want a service or a product, you can get it – probably within a few blocks. And it seems like the businesses that flourish the most are the small businesses. I love that. I love the street vendors and the food carts. I love the competition and desire for customer service.
  6. I love that less is more. Because the city is small with a lot of people. You learn to make the best of it – you live in small places and you have less stuff. That’s kinda refreshing to me.
  7. I love the opportunity. Really you can do just about anything. Don’t confuse this with 5 – I’m talking about the actors and dancers and fashion designers. I love that you can get a job doing just about anything in hopes of doing something greater.
  8. I love that some stores and restaurants are open all night and it’s easy to find sushi at 3 in the morning. I love that It’s the city that never sleeps.
  9. I love the history. Every street corner. Every building. Juxtoposed with the new and the modern. I love that. You can only imagine if walls could talk.
  10. And finally, I love fact that a department store can kick off the holiday season with a parade and it becomes a tradition that is watched around the world. Very cool! I love New York!

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