Decorating On A Dime

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I’ve been a part of planning events for most of my life, and in those thousands of events, I’ve been a part of just about every kind of decoration imaginable on just about every budget. Even in the past few years, I have put together tablescapes that have cost several hundred dollars and I’ve also put together things that were found at thrift shops. Most would agree, that there is one simple ingredient that they all have in common. That ingredient is creativity.

I think there is another word that needs to be added and that is purpose. We talk a lot about purpose and what the goals are for the event and for the guest experience. When we think about purpose, to me that is where creativity comes in to play. I think design for the sake of design is silly. I believe it is crucial to understand what you are trying to accomplish. The last thing, an event planner wants is for their guests to think the purpose of the design is to save money.

On the other hand, I think planners can many times cut costs and overall expenses by being creative. We did an event last year for a non-profit organization that was a lot of fun. The theme was a popular theme based on a movie that has a bit of a retro feel. One of our goals was to create an event that did not feel like a copy-cutter fundraising event. We created unique tablescapes using a variety of vintage props. We acquired things at flea-markets and online. We found things in our closets. To keep a consistency feel and a fresh and warm feel, we utilized small containers of inexpensive fresh flowers that all matched. They were very small, but they were a part of the table’s look. The style was s huge success for the event.

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